Welcome to the National Sow Housing Conversion Project (NSHCP) website. The NSHCP is a Canada-wide project with the purpose of providing group sow housing information to swine producers and industry partners.

Feeding Systems Options


Electronic Sow Feeders

Electronic Sow Feeders allow individual feeding of sows, and have modest space requirements. A separate training area is needed to familiarize animals with the system.

Free Access Stalls

Free access stalls allow sows undisturbed feeding and require little training and low management inputs, but require more space and higher capital investment.


Shoulder Stalls

Shoulder stalls come in various types. They provide some protection of sows during feeding, and work the best with static, uniform groups of sows.

Floor Feeding

Floor feeding systems typically require the least amount of capital investment and space, but require careful grouping and daily monitoring of sow condition.

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For advice on barn conversion options and plans, the cost of barn conversions, and management tips for group housed sows.

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