Herd Profile

Adam Schlegel, Schlegelhome Farms Inc.

Schlelgelhome Farms Inc. is located near Tavistock Ontario where the Schlegel family runs a diversified farm operation.  The multi-site pig operation has 2500 sows and tries to finish all the production. The conversion barn was a 1800 head sow barn built in 1979 and had undergone many renovations. The last one being a new farrowing wing allowing for the old farrowing rooms to be gutted and convert over to loose sow housing for 500 sows. New floors and penning were installed along with the Canarm Sowchoice ESF system.  Sow barn manager Adam Schlegel said they needed to maximum production within the space provided and the research they did showed the ESF system would achieve that requirement.  The ESF system has been running since April 2015 but they have not installed the auto sorters at this time.

  • 1800 sows - 500 on ESF units
  • 2 Dynamic groups with 8 ESF units
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The original sow barn was built in 1979 and has many renovations over the years. When the new farrowing wing was added, it allowed for the old sections to be converted over to loose sow housing.

Innovations at Schlegelhome Farms: