Competitive Feeding Systems
Competitive feeding systems are systems that can allow sows to obtain more feed through fighting. They include systems such as floor feeding and shoulder stalls. With proper group management, competitive feed systems can be effective and cost efficient.

Electronic Sow Feeders
ESF systems provide completely individualized feeding programs and require less space than other non-competitive feeding systems.

Free Access Stalls
Free access stalls allow individual feeding of sows without aggression, but do require a large amount of space.

Free Access ESF
Free Access ESF feeders are a relatively recent system that was developed in Canada, and have become a popular alternative for feeding sows. As the name suggests, the feeder combines the features of both free access stalls and ESF systems.

Transitioning to Group Sow Housing

This publication looks at the process of making the transition to group sow housing. It provides a detailed description of different alternatives to consider if you are considering a new build or renovating an existing facility.

Group Sow Housing Options

This publication looks at grouping strategies, mixing vs feeding based aggression, and competitive vs non-competitive systems.  A resource that assists pork producers in the decision making process regarding conversion to group sow housing.

Group Sow Housing Feeding Systems: 
Decision Tree

Determining which group housing system to use can be a daunting task. There are multiple
systems to chose from, and no hard rules to follow. This decision tree provides a rough guide
based on key questions you need to ask yourself.

Group Sow Housing Feeding Systems: 
Pros & Cons

This publication will quickly walk you through some of the decision making process when picking a system that best meets your needs.